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Why Choose Benjamin Moore?

When it comes to painting around your home, you have a wide variety of choices. We carry quite a few different paints in our stores, but there's one brand that stands out from the rest, Benjamin Moore. A premium paint brand, Benjamin Moore is often the leading choice for craftsmen and interior decorators alike for it's balance between durable long lasting quality with excellent shades of sharp and vibrant colors.

While that's the short story, here’s some more details why we love Benjamin Moore and you should too.

Color Variety

Benjamin Moore offers over 3,500 colors and combinations to provide one of the widest varieties of color selections on the market. Using their online Find Your Color tool, you can upload a photo of the room you are looking to paint and see how the different shades will work, getting a feel for the colors before you’ve even picked up a sample. Check it out here:

Every year, a team of interior designers from Benjamin Moore perform a world wide survey of art, design, and fashion to determine the “color of the year,” and honestly sometimes it seems like they're just trying to show off how their huge palette selection lets them match the exact zeitgeist of the time. (actually, that's exactly what they're doing, but dangit they're right) This year's selection, by the way was "Caliente AF-290" and we’re pretty sure you'll be seeing it in a number of living rooms at this year's holiday dinner parties.

A Love for the Local

In a world where pretty much every brand can be found through online stores, and the paint business in particular seems to be drifting more and more to big anonymous chains, Benjamin Moore proudly puts its confidence in local stores like us. Since their founding in 1883, Benjamin Moore has sold exclusively through independent stores, which ensures that when you get Benjamin Moore paint, you’re getting not only a high quality product, but you’re working with a sales staff with the expertise to answer any of your paint related questions.

Coverage and Durability

In tests by independent groups like Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports, Benjamin Moore paints repeatedly score high in reliability, lasting longer with color that retains its color. What's more, paint from Benjamin Moore will cover your walls with fewer layers than other brands will manage. This means that while Benjamin Moore may be more expensive per gallon than other brands, you can save money by needing less of it as well as saving your time needing less effort to cover your walls. What's more, Benjamin Moore paint holds up to cleaning, allowing you to keep your wall colors looking sharp and brilliant while still cleaning up the everyday messes that occur when that same home is lived in.

That's just scratching the surface, but some of the best reasons we recommend Benjamin Moore paints to our customers. Not sure? You can buy samples of Benjamin Moore paints from us, and we'll refund the cost to you when you come back to purchase a full gallon. If you have any questions or want to discover exactly how great these paints can be for your home, come in and talk to our ready and helpful staff today!