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We've all been there, you start working on a woodworking project, you've got your tools laid out, set up your materials, and you're ready to go, then suddenly the sky turns dark and an unexpected storm cloud rolls in. Here in the midwest, the weather is all too unpredictable, making setting up any project outside a risk. Unfortunately, there's a good chance you can complete your work in your living room, since few people want sawdust all over their couch.

There is a room that's probably in your house that would work as an excellent solution, the garage. Unfortunately, if you're like most folks around here, your garage isn't necessarily set up as a great option for a workshop. Indeed, the majority of garages we see are barely used as storage unit, and not a particularly nice one at that. And because a significant portion of homes in the area are as much as a hundred years old, the garages aren't usually anywhere near big enough to actually hold a modern car either.

This leaves the average garage woefully underused. It's a space in your home that had tremendous potential and you owe to yourself to make use out of it. Today we'll look at a few crucial upgrades that will go a long way towards making your garage the go to workshop you've been longing for.

Storage - One of the easiest and most impactful upgrades to make is to improve your storage setup in your garage. Most homeowners just toss stacks of boxes in wherever they'll fit and leave it at that. This leaves you thinking that if you're going to try to use the garage in any other way, you won't have space for all this stuff, but an upgraded storage system will make all the difference. Adding shelves, roof mounted racks, and wall hanging hooks allows you to use your space more efficiently. When you do use your garage as a workshop, having places to store and access your tools becomes crucial to creating an effective workspace.

Temperature Regulation - In order for your garage to become the year round workshop that lets you beat the whimsical turns of tri-state weather patterns that we're hoping for. While this doesn't need to be the full insulation job that the rest of your house does, having something to help regulate the temperature of your garage will allow it to remain a comfortable place to work, even when you face freezing winter days. With this, adding a heating and cooling system will also be crucial to let your garage become a sanctuary even on the hottest or coldest of days. While you're at it, a ventilation system will also be a great addition, not only to help cool your garage when needed, but also ensure that any fumes resulting from stains or paints being used are properly removed.

Flooring - Take some time to consider the flooring in your garage. You'll want something that can hold up to stains and spills, and is easy to clean when needed. Textured no-slip flooring is also a fine addition, allowing for the assurance of added safety when working on your projects. You have a few options when addressing this. First, you can redo the floors in your garage itself, repouring concrete with nonslip additives. Then reseal the concrete to make it spill resistant and easier to clean. Alternatively, you can cover the floor with tiles of various materials that would accomplish the same goals, albeit in a less durable way.

Regardless of what upgrades you decide to tackle for your garage, our helpful staff are ready and waiting to assist you with finding the best materials and tools to help you succeed. Come visit us today!