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Everyone Should Have a 5 Gallon Bucket

For any team, there are players that may not get the glory but gets the job done, the one the team wouldn’t be able to take the win without. Your utility hitter. And one of those utility hitters for us is the lowly five gallon bucket. It’s not a tool you’ll see customers fawning over in the aisle, and you’re not going to see a new model coming out every year, but the steady and sturdy five gallon bucket can get so much done around the workshop, that we’re hoping you’ve got a few stored just in case the need arises. If not, maybe you will by the end of this post. Here’s our four favorite ideas for using a five gallon bucket.

Emergency Kit:

One of the great things about a five gallon bucket is that they give you secure storage. When closed correctly, they keep out water and keep in even the smallest of items. This makes five gallon buckets an ideal storage container for an emergency kit. And with all the space that five gallons provides, you can store just about anything you can imagine. A good knife, multi tool, a flashlight, some first aid supplies, a water filter, and a few days’ worth of dry food rations will keep you prepared for just about any eventuality.

Bird House:

We’re big fans of this bird house project from the good folks over at Blue Roof Cabin. It requires a five gallon bucket and just a few other items. It’s incredibly stylish, easy to put together, and a good use of items you may have left over from other projects. It looks great while also serving a useful purpose in your yard. For the cost of an afternoon of work and not a whole lot of cash you’ve upped the ante on your curb appeal and made your yard feel that much more like home.

Moveable Planter:

Whether you have a small apartment with a balcony or you’re determined to get a demonstration of your green thumb into every square foot you have available, five gallon buckets make excellent planters. Punch holes into the bottom to allow for drainage, and because they’re lighter weight than a clay flower pot of equal size you can easily move them around to get the most out of available sunlight.

Self-filling Dog Feeder:

Hopefully you’ve got a dog at home, be it Duke, Snickers, or Cuddles, that dog is going to want food as often as possible. Unfortunately, you may not always have time to get home to refill the food bowl, especially with summer outings coming up. Never fear! Punch out a hole on the bottom side of the bucket, place it on a flat dry surface, and fill the bucket with dog food. The food will come out the hole in the bottom for your best friend to snack on, while gravity will take care of the rest.

You should know these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg of the great ideas out there for getting uses out of your five gallon buckets, and we’re hoping we’ve convinced you to start storing a few around for the next time you need one. And while you’re at it, check out this bucket caddy available at Woods Hardware!