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Ladder Safety Essentials

Spring might be late to the game, but now that it's here, homeowners can start working on the exterior of their home. As you get ready to tackle those tall tasks, we wanted to provide you with some brief ladder safety tips so that you can be as safe as possible.

  • Be sure to wear proper footwear. You want to have on comfortable shoes that do not slip or cause any unevenness. This is to ensure that your footing can be as firm and grounded as possible as you are up on the ladder.
  • Do not go above the safety point on your ladder. As much as we may want to, we humans cannot fly. If you go beyond the safety point, the likelihood that you will fall or something will happen increases. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, have someone supporting the ladder for you while you climb. This will ensure that the ladder remains sturdy.
  • Do not carry your tools up the ladder. It is best to use a belt or another way for you to carry the tools up the ladder without having to use up your hands.

Stay safe out there and don’t forget that we have just what you’re looking for when it comes to your home projects. If you have any questions, please visit the Woods Hardware location nearest you.