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Choosing a Bird Feeder For Your Backyard

You know spring is near when you hear the birds chirping outside. If you also want to see these birds, rather than just hear them, it might be time to add a bird feeder (or several) to your backyard.

When you select what type of bird feeder you want, you need to think about a few things. You’ll want one that’s well-constructed, easy to clean, and easy to refill with bird seed. It also helps if it’s easy to check food levels from a distance (so you can see from inside your home when food is low, rather than going outside and disturbing the birds while you check).

Here are a few different types of feeders you might consider:

- Platform feeders allow birds to stand while they eat. These types of feeders often sit close to the ground. Because of this, they should be set up out in the open, rather than near shrubs or landscaping, to help keep predators away from the birds while they’re eating.

- A hopper feeder, which distributes food at the bottom of the feeder, generally attracts a wide variety of different species and includes an area where birds can perch while they eat. They should be hung several feet off the ground.

- Tube feeders also offer multiple perches for birds to stand on while eating. They come in multiple sizes—the smallest can hang from a window hook, while the largest is big enough to hold a couple of pounds of bird seed. If you get a tube feeder, you might want to attach a tray to the bottom so the birds have a place to land. 

- You might also try a window feeder, which you install directly in the window so you can more closely see the birds that come to eat from the feeder.

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