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DIY Projects to Help Kids Beat the Winter Blues

The holidays are over, but spring isn’t here just yet. It’s the time of year with cold, snow or rain, and not as much sunlight as we’d like (although the days are getting longer!). It’s the perfect time of year to help your kids look forward to spring with a few easy DIY projects.

Below we’ve suggested a few projects you might want to try.

Build a Bird Feeder

Use some scrap wood to construct a small bird feeder (or get a premade one like this). Let your kids paint the bird feeder with whatever color or design they like. They can help you pick out bird seed and find a place to hang it in the backyard. You can help them identify the different birds that come visit the bird feeder.

Make Custom Coasters

Kids can use small tiles to build custom coasters. Let them pick some of their favorite photos. Once you’ve printed them, help them trim the photos to match the size of the tile, and attach them to the tiles using Mod Podge. 

Create Your Own Vase

When it’s cold outside, your kids can bring flowers inside. Help them paint or stain pieces of scrap wood, and then attach Mason jars to the pieces. ANext, they can add water and flowers, or any other greenery they’d like. Hang the vases on the wall or set them on a side table and prop them against a wall.

Make a Tiny Garden

Pick up a planter or pot, some potting soil, and flowers and decorative rocks. Help your kids paint the planter or pot with whatever color or design they’d like. Then they can plant the flowers and use the decorative rocks to add their own landscaping to the design.

Stop by and see us to pick up the materials you need for these projects, or to find more inspiration!