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Storage and Organization: Your Garage

It’s time to talk more about storage and organization in your house. Last week, we talked about
decluttering your home, and our last post details how to organize your closets. Now, let’s tackle the garage.

In addition to providing space for their vehicles, plenty of people use their garages as a place to store larger items, including trash cans, tools, lawn mowers and much more. With the right storage and organization systems in place in your garage, you can park your car and still have the space for your other belongings. What’s more, you’ll be able to easily access those items.

The first step is to clean out the garage. This is a big step on its own, and may take some time. Break the project up over several days if you need to, but ultimately you need to go through everything you’re currently storing in your garage and determine if it should be kept, thrown out, recycled or donated.

For the items you keep, is the garage the correct place to store them? If not, and they belong somewhere else in your home, move them to the proper place. Once your garage is cleaned out, it’s time to organize what’s left over. Try these ideas:

- Think about the placement of specific items. Some items, like your trash can and lawn mower, are things you’ll need to access on a regular basis. Put them in an easy-to-reach place in the garage.

Try a workbench. Chances are you have a number of tools in your garage—more than you can fit in your toolbox. Consider adding a small workbench with a pegboard above it to allow you to easily organize these items. (Make sure that if you build this in, you still have enough room for your car.) The pegboard displays a number of tools, making it easy to find a particular one quickly, while the workbench allows you a space to do some DIY work. Make the most of the space under the workbench, too. You can add some shelves or large totes for additional storage.

- Shelving. Speaking of shelving, adding a shelf or two can allow you to use your vertical space wisely. A 5-shelf unit like this one can store quite a bit without taking up too much space.

- Wall storage. If you can’t add a shelving unit, take advantage of the space on your wall and add a couple of shelves there.

- Look at additional options. The garage is home to a number of bulky items, including lawn mowers, weedeaters, shovels, rakes, yard games and more. If you have room in your backyard, you might consider adding a small shed to store these items. Not only does it save you some space in your garage, but it makes it more convenient to find items you’ll be using in the yard anyway.

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